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NEW!CD-R single   「IN THE CITY / 1997」   500yen


1.IN THE CITY      2.カンフーマン     3.1997

      l (1)

2nd album 「JAKAMASHI JAZZ」

2009.09.09   (BOUNDEE.inc)      2,200yen

1. Dream Machine Gun Orchestra 2. You Want To Be A HEN 3. Intel Yakuza 4. Gokigen Blast 5. Tired Man 6. Electric Utopia 7. スワン・ソング 8. Notledomの洞窟 9. Altanative Emotion 10. Fake Craction 11. Be Against The Daily 12. I or Die 13. メトロポリス・ポケットワールド

1st album 「NEW FASCIO」

2007.12.05    (is collage collective)   2,000yen(2cd includ 2video)

(disc 1)

1.Stereo Risort   2.Last Opera   3.Heros Tention   4.French Electronya   5.ハヤテノウシ   6.Space Decadent

7.Asian Fool Invader   8.Meterios Mind   9.The Monochrome Life   10.Fighting Dance   11.Deamon Doragon

12.Creative Romance   13.Bad Bed   14.Heros Tention(COM.A remix)

(disc 2)

1.twenty Samurai(in Cuba High Dance)   2.Tekitouni   3.Venetian Acrobat Son   4.ロンパリ・エキサイティング

5.Nihilistic Country   6.Omaka Sunshine   7.Night Light On Your Head   8.若手挙動不審保裏守(Police)

9.I Collided With My Car   10.Pool In The Moon Bar   11.One Pattarn Ocean a Blessing   12.Cublic Color

13.ロンパリ・エキサイティング(Rom=Pari remix)   14.Twenty Samurai(In Cuba High Dance)(world’s end girlfriend remix)

-video clip-   Venetian Acrobat Son     Nihilistuc Country